Bio-Stimulants: A Key for Better Yield and Quality of Agricultural crops

In the recent decades, usage of Bio-stimulants is increasing in different crop ecosystems. Bio-stimulants are additives to fertilizers and support the plants to enhance the metabolic process during the crop growth.

A bio-stimulant may be any substance or mixture of substances of natural origin or microorganism which improves the condition of crops without causing adverse side effects. Bio-stimulant formulations made up of single- or multi-component. The main active substances used in such preparations are humic and fulvic acids, protein hydrolysates, compound containing nitrogen, seaweed extracts, beneficial fungi, and bacteria.

Why we actually need bio-stimulants?

Role of Bio-stimulants depends on its contents and stage of the crop at the time of application. It will stimulate the internal and natural metabolism of plants including hormonal activity, genomics, absorption of nutrients, cell multiplication, flowering, fruiting, etc.  It also helps to protect plants from various biotic stress and gives healthier crop growth. When applied with Bio-stimulants the plants will grow more vigorously and better able to withstand climatic variations, thus providing the better yields.

Geolife’s Vigore is an organic yield enhancer product made up of extract from Neurospora crassa (Beneficial fungi), essential Vitamins, Minerals, amino acids and different antioxidants.  The principal component i.e., extract of Neurospora crassa is the key factor for enhancing the plant metabolism significantly. It is an exclusive product for increasing the agricultural productivity by significantly increasing both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Vigore is organic product which is certified by IFOAM and Biocert.

What are the benefits of Vigore?

Vigore is effective during all stages of plant and the result is visible at every stage of plant growth. It helps for complete crop development form root to shoot of the crop. It helps in fast development of the root system which absorbs nutrients more efficiently from soil. It enhances enzymatic activity inside plant system, thus improving the nutrient use efficiency of plants. It increases the chlorophyll content in the leaves and improves the photosynthesis efficiency of the plants. It promotes more branching/ tillering and shoot development. It improves the overall immune system of plant and helps the plants to recover early during stress conditions in turn improves the tolerance/resistance of plants.

 How we can apply?  

  • Broadcasting: With fertilizer or soil. Vigore (250 gm /acre) can be applied along with basal dose of fertilizer or with first fertilizer application as top dressing.
  • Foliar Spray: Spray Vigore (1gm /lit of water) at active vegetative stage. Spray can be repeated at 15 – 20 days interval.
  • Drenching: Apply Vigore (250 gm /acre) through drenching at vegetative stage of crop
  • Drip Irrigation: Vigore (250 gm /acre) can be applied at vegetative stage of the crop and repeat the application at an interval of 30 days.


Crops Recommended: 

Almost all Vegetables like tomato, capsicum, brinjal, cabbage, okra, onion, cauliflower, carrot, potato, chilli, cucumber, green gram, bottle guard etc.; Fruit crops like mango, sapota, pomegranate, papaya, grapes, apple, guava, citrus etc., cereals, pulses, oil seeds and Ornamental crops.


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