Bacterial Speck – Deadly disease of tomato crop

        Bacterial speck in tomato

Bacterial speck is the disease caused by PSEUDOMONAS SYRINGAE bacteria.

Symptoms of bacterial speck on tomato

       Bacterial speck in tomato leaves

Black spots with varied sizes ranging from 0.3 cm to 0.6 cm in diameter and usually seen under surface of the leaves initially. As the infection progresses yellow ring may be visible around the speck or spot. The infection will pass on to the fruits and on fruits the specks are visible as pin point like raised, flat or sunken.

      Bacterial speck in tomato fruits

The colour of the spots of specks on tomato fruits may to brown or black. The spots on the green fruits will be darken green and in the ripe fruits the dark black spots will be surrounded by yellow ring.

      Bacterial speck in tomato crop

Many times, the bacterial speck or spot disease on tomato with Tomato Spotted wilt virus symptoms.

      Bacterial speck in tomato crop and TOSPO difference

Bacterial speck disease is more and prominent in wet, cooler weather conditions.

Controlling Bacterial Speck in tomato

Following sprays may be used to control and manage bacterial speck on the tomatoes

Multilaxin 4 mL/L + Bactinash 0.4 gm/L

     Bacterial speck in tomato crop control

After a week

Neel Cu – 0.5 gm/L + Plantomycin 0.5 gm/L

      Bacterial speck in tomato crop controlling


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