An Eco Friendly way for Complete Development of your Plant


An Environment friendly insecticide for healthy plants.


Nimbecidine is a neem-oil-based botanical insecticide from T Stanes.  It contains Azadirachtin and other limonoids like Meliantriol, Salanin, Nimbin as active ingredients.


Major vegetables, flowers and fruit crops get affected by insects such as Aphids, Thrips, Leaf roller, Stem Borer, Brown Plant Hopper, Caterpillars, White flies, Mites, Fruit and Shoot Borer, Boll worm etc., very often in India. The insects not only cause immense damage to crops by ravaging leaves, flowers and fruits but they are also known to occasionally destroy the plant completely. 




Nimbecidine is helping thousands of farmers across the country to overcome these problems. 

It is prepared as per the central insecticide board (CIB&RC), Faridabad, Govt. of India specifications to make sure it's environmentally friendly and is known to be a well-tested product all over India and abroad.

It controls major insect pests in many crops, as an insecticidal, feeding deterrent, sterilant and insect growth regulator. Nimbecidine at 300ppm is compatible with major chemical pesticides.


Application: Foliar Spray @ 5-6 ml / lit.


Crops Recommended: Vegetables like tomato, capsicum, brinjal, cabbage, okra, onion, cauliflower, carrot, potato, chilli, cucumber, green gram, bottle guard etc.; Fruit crops like mango, sapota, pomegranate, grapes, apple, guava, citrus etc.,; cereals, pulses, oil seeds; Ornamental crops like anthurium, tuberose, gerbera, carnation, roses etc., and many other crops.


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Draws more nutrients from the water in the Soil


GrowCare Uses


GrowCare is an Arbuscular Mycorrhiza preparation containing spores (1000 spores/gram). This arbuscular mycorrhizal preparation is made in a water soluble carrier to make it more user friendly and easy to apply. GrowCare helps most of the crops in the uptake of moisture and nutrients from the soil by forming symbiotic associations with roots.


GrowCare allows plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil. They also increase the plant’s tolerance to adapt to different environmental stresses. Moreover, these fungi play a major role in the soil aggregation process and stimulate microbial activity.


Application: GrowCare Soil Application (Powder): 100 gm/Acre along with organic fertilizers.


Crops recommended:


Method of application


Nursery level

Soil Application

Mix 100 gm of growcare uniformly with
1000 kg of nursery soil before filling the sleeves or 10 gm for 100 sq area mother bed

Transplanted crops

10 gm per L of water

1st  application - Seedling dip.

100 gm per acre

2nd  application after 15 days of sowing or
1st by Fertigation or soil drenching

Direct sown crops

20 gm for seeds required per acre

1st application. – Seed Treatment.

100 gm per acre

2nd  application after 15 days of sowing or
1st by Fertigation or soil drenching.

Horticultural crops (fruit crops, plantation crops, perennials)

At the time of organic manure appl.

100gm per acre
(0 to 6 years old crop)

200 gm per acre
(6 years old crop)

1st application Soil drenching, Fertigation/Broadcasting.

Repeat the above mentioned doses at
40 to 45 days after
1st application

2nd   application Fertigation, Soil drenching/broadcasting.



GrowCare is compatible with Stanes Consort NPK, and Symbion NPKS and other biological products.


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Organic Nitrogen and Bio-Stimulant for Plants


PEPTO is based on peptides derived from plants. It acts as a source of organic nitrogen and biostimulant for plants. Pepto allows the plant to divert the metabolic energy to other physiological activities, during critical growth stages, acts as a plant growth promoter. It ensures the deliverance of nitrogen in the form of peptides, modulates the physiological processes, organ development and yield in plants.

Nitrogen plays an important role in plant health. Without nitrogen, a plant cannot make proteins, amino acids or even its very own DNA. That is why when there is a nitrogen deficiency in the soil, plants are noticed to experience stunted growth, as they simply cannot make their own cells.


Pepto Uses



The crops include all Agricultural food crops (Cereals, Vegetables, Oilseeds, Cole crops), Horticultural crops (Fruit crops and Flowers) and Plantation crops (Tea, Coffee Spices etc.)  




 1.0 lit /200 lit of water. It should be applied as a foliar spray


Frequency of application: 


Two applications are recommended. First application 30 days after planting while second application 15-20 days after first application is suggested.




This (plant growth promoters)  is compatible with foliar fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides.  


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