What is Dolichos?

Dolichos and its Uses:

Dolichos bean -  Lablab purpureus ( L)  is grown across the country primarily as green pods and fresh bean. Dolichos dry beans are also used as a whole or in Dal form as a rich pulse crop. Fresh green pods and fresh beans are rich source of proteins 3.8 to 4.3 %, carbohydrate 6.9%, minerals and low in fat. They are also good source of vitamin-A -325 IU, Vitamin B and Vitamin –C. They are rich in dietary fiber, acts as excellent laxative.


Uses of Dolichos:

Dolichos beans are basically short duration crops, which flower and fruit only in winter season. Traditionally Dolichos was called Gadde Avarae / Field bean as they were grown on the paddy fields border. The crop starts fruiting in November and December when paddy is ready for harvest. Because of its rich nutritional values it is used in the preparation of Namkeens & chats. The demand for this crop has increased to a great extent, that people celebrate a Dolichos festival in the month of January. The cultivation has increased from border cropping to entire commercial field cropping.


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More about the Crop:

All season Dolichos is a photo-insensitive breed was researched and developed in 1998 by Sarpan Seeds, has opened new opportunities in Dolichos cultivation in the country. The most popular variety is Sarpan Dolichos-3 has a character of bushy plant, flowers and fruits by 45-50days. Prolific bearer for a period of 130-150 days with two harvests. Fruits have a typical acidic flavor in all season. Wet bean type, free from bitterness and phenols and are excellent in cooking quality and flavor. Each spike bears 9-12 fruits with each fruit having 3-4 beans. The other varieties are Sarpan Dolichos-16 and Sarpan Dolichos-27 which is fresh pod vegetable type and Sarpan Dolichos-42 & Sarpan Dolichos-52 which is vegetable vine type. They are very productive with potential yields of 9-12 MT per acre with a high revenue output. Apart from quality and yields, the acidic flavor, a traditional character is retained in all these varieties across all the seasons. The rich nutritional, medicinal values and the availability of fresh pods, beans in all season has made Dolichos the most popular vegetable in the market.


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Written By: Mausumi Samal

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