About Us

BigHaat is founded by a team of young IT techies.  We are the leading supply chain technology platform in agriculture domain in India, building to connect the farming community directly with the suppliers in a more transparent manner with the vision to 'Empower the Farmer'. 


BigHaat has a unique customer focused strategy leveraging the current technology ecosystem that differentiates us from the competitors and thereby providing efficient agri services to growers as well as suppliers.


BigHaat is India's largest "Multi-brand agro seeds store" currently working with several leading seed suppliers across India in bringing their products on BigHaat platform to provide transparent, competitive and quality services directly to farmers. BigHaat platform not only ensures listing of the products, but connects buyers with the suppliers for post-sale support providing seamless end to end user experience. This platform reduces widening gap between sellers and buyers in agriculture domain and benefits suppliers/sellers to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. The platform continues to bring wide range of agro products (crop protection, instruments, accessories etc), services and solutions to serve end-to-end agro community needs.


BigHaat has partnered with several leading brands including DuPont-Pioneer, Monsanto-Seminis, Mahyco, Fito, Namdhari, UPL, Indus (I&B), Privi Life Sciences and others. We are working with many other companies in horticulture & field crops, agro-chemicals, and specialty nutrients to expand our portfolio.

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